Opensuse updating vs Ubuntu updating

Hey guys, i was wondering how the update system in opensuse 11 works, and how it compares with the update system in ubuntu? I am still on the brink of choosing which distro i want to go with, although im leaning more towards opensuse.

Full system upgrades:

  • Pre-11.0 you couldn’t update your system on the fly.
  • Aft-11.0 zypper introduces dist-upgrade which allows upgrading to a newer distribution version when it arrives.

Software upgrades:

  • Normally SuSE only updates critical fixes and security patches through the normal update repository.
  • You can add other repositories such as KDE, GNOME, PHP, Apache etc. and get “bleeding edge” software compiled for your distribution version at will - most of these repositories are behind a simple “Community Sources” button.

Does that help?

Yes thanks your help!