openSUSE Updates

I recently installed openSUSE 11.1 on my ASUS 1000HE. The problem is when it did updates, it broke the kernel by installing the latest version of kernel-default-base.

The problem is, it lost wireless connectivity half way through, and left it in a broken state.

Here’s the question. Why does yast2/openSUSE download then in stall each package individually? Why doesn’t it download all of the packages, then install them from the local drive where there is less chance of this happening?

I had to download the original package format a usb drive ext2/3, then reinstall the original version just to get it working again. Many people wouldn’t even be capable of detecting this problem, much less fixing it. I just happened to check the versions of all kernel packages (rpm -qa | grep kernel) and noticed a difference.

What is the advantage of individual download then install?

Scott M

Updates worked fine for me, I am however running the pae kernel not
default. Did you change it to default?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
openSUSE 11.1 (i586) Kernel
up 12:21, 2 users, load average: 0.07, 0.23, 0.24
ASUS eeePC 1000HE ATOM N280 1.66GHz | GPU Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME

Takes less space to install the updates, that’s most likely the original reasoning for it.

As far as I know, in the future zypper they’ll introduce the ability to preload the updates and then install.

Hmm, I wish they would get on with it and implement it, this has been in the pipe for over a year now!