Opensuse updates Applet/ zypper problem

[LEFT]I have been trying without success to get my machine to download packages from the repositories. This worked initially and stopped about a week ago.

I have looked around on the web and realize here and there people mention having similar problems but nothing mentioned in those posts resolves this problem.

I can physically browse to the locations of the repositories but when I add them to the updater tool it always tells me that the connection has timed out. When I first installed the machine the response was also immediate when checking for packages or updates. Any help would be appreciatedā€¦[/LEFT]

I have sortof managed to get it going again - now I have to select the updates/upgrades one at a time otherwise it just goes back to saying there is new software availableā€¦

Manage to get it this far by deleting the cache of zypper and all cache related files.