Opensuse updater

Haave upgraded from 10.3 to 11 and everything is going alright with a few glitches here and there. But as of recent, the opensuse updater said that there was an update that affected the updater itself and so i downloaded it, and it installed, but now it says that there is 10 recommneded updates additionally, but when click on install and put in my root password, it just goes back to checking for updates and telling me that there is 10 additional updates to install. :mad:

anyone know why it is doing this?

Maybe do a reboot first?

> anyone know why it is doing this?

no, but i would try to fix it by using YaST to update,

click YaST > Software > Online Update
(then wait too long, but faster than it used to be)
and then, check and make sure the the “Filter” (above the Patch/Summary
window on the left) is set to “Patches”, and the “Show Patch Category”
(just below that same window) is set to “Installable Patches” [ow, i
just remembered ‘they’ renamed that in v 11.0 to something else…the
new one has three choices, maybe needed, un-needed and installed…if
so, select “needed”]…

single left click in all the patches you NEED and, then the “Accept”
button in the lower right corner…

maybe, that will kick updater into working right…maybe not, keep

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you could also try zypper dup to clear this.

When my updater updated, there were “stacked” updates that took three updates to clear. IIRC, first the updater updated, then the kernel, then a bunch of other things.

In fact, there were a bunch of updates that went in with the kernel update. So, see if zypper dup helps you.