OpenSuSE Updater - Needs an install log

Probably stupidly, in console (ncurses) YaST 11.1 I have configured my system to update automatically on a daily cycle.

However, neither in console YaST nor in the KDE Updater applet can I view what zypper has been up to when it’s been running on its own.

Is there a log file somewhere I can go to see the output of updates that were installed automatically for me so I can review what packages were updated and/or changed?

Also, I am subscribing to the MonoDevelop “Preview” repository which contains the latest SVN build of MonoDevelop which has built-in support for live debugging and IDE breakpoints. Will YaST auto-update also install these packages as well or do I manually have to force them to update in YaST?

complete log for package manager(zypper) is in text file in /var/log/zypp but i don’t know how old history is kept in this file…

Cool, thanks. I still think this should be wishlisted for a future enhancement to YaST/zypper… ideally an additional dialog accessible on the suseupdater widget that pretty-prints this data.

As of right now, I have to be keely aware when any of a large number of libraries get updated so I can check to see what bugs were/weren’t fixed or new features added since (obviously) when you write software, you usually depend on system libraries.