OpenSUSE Updater keeps saying: new updates but won't update

Using KDE 4.1.3, OpenSUSE 11.0. When I click to install the updates, it says “updating” and then just goes back to the orange icon indicating I have new updates. It never installs them no matter how many times I do this.

Software manager no longer working - openSUSE Forums

Everyone is having this problem. A package with KDE 4.0 dependencies called fileshareset was released to the wild, but most of us who update religiously already upgraded to KDE 4.1 last week.

Wow, that’s not a good updater. Really, an updater should have the ability to be configured to ignore certain things. For example, I could tell it to ignore all updates to do with KDE 3 and earlier libraries. Or even have it so when it shows me updates, I can click “Ignore this update item” and it will consider me to have resolved the updates.