OpenSUSE Updater going utterly mad !

Hello. Does anybody understand the following ?

  1. When I login, the pending update icon on the bottom bar is orange.
    When I click it, I get a pop-up windows that say “No update
    ”. The icon then goes to green.

  2. About five seconds later, that icon turns red. When I click it, a
    popup window now says that 2 security updates and 4 additional
    recommended updates are available. Details cups 322 (twice) fileshareset
    124 (twice) kdenetwork3-Instantmessenger 235 (twice).

  3. I click “Install”. The system asks me my password, which type. The
    icon turns then green on a red background. Five seconds later, it
    turns red on a green background. And then the system gets back to
    step 1, stuck in what seems to be an infinite loop

Does anybody know how to force back OpenSUSEUpdater to some kind of
normal behaviour ? :’(


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Try doing an update in Yast → Software → Online Update. If that
works, the crazy behaviour should moderate.

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Actually if you use Yast->Software->Online Update as swerdna correctly
says, you will see that there are some dependency problems that you have
to resolve first. That is the reason for the updater not to install the
new software and keep informing you!!!. The problem is that if you
decide to keep the current software without resolving the rest of the
dependencies there is no way to tell the openSuSE Updater not to check
for these unwanted software updates anymore. In my computer it keeps
informing me about fileshareset and kdenetwork3-InstantMessenger. These
updates conflict with a lot of installed packets that need to be
uninstalled or downgraded, actions that I don’t want it to perform. So I
just leave it this way, knowing that in the future there will be some
updates of these packets that will put up with the rest of the installed


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Thank you ! :slight_smile:


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Here’s a thread on how to fix this problem WFM!
‘Opensuse updater keeps pushing an update I don’t need - openSUSE
Forums’ (

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insect and a bug I’d have no interest here.

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