openSUSE Updater error loging in

I’m new at this! I loaded openSUSE v11.0 about a week ago. The updater popped up telling me that updates were available. I selected a few updates including KDE updates. Once the updates were downloaded, I selected to install the updates. A screen with the following popped up:

New software for you system is available
111 security updates are available

Option checked Install 62 recommended updates
unchecked Don’t install updates that require a restart.

I clicked install and am now promted for a password;

The action you requested needs root privileges…blah blah…

I enter the password and I get the following error:

kdesu(8705/kdesu(kdelibs) KDESu::KDEsuClient::command: [/usr/src/packages/BUILD/kdelibs-4.0.4/kdesu/client.cpp:196] no reply from daemon

Can someone help me?

Quit the updater applet
Open yast Online update and try from there