openSUSE updater: can't resolve config problem

Keeps inviting me to update Firefox, however every time I try I get this error message.

Removal of (44712) MozillaFirefox- failed: Error:
Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: Usage: usr/bin/update-mime-database
search path could not be processed and updated. error: %postun(
MozillaFirefox- scriptlet failed, exit status 1

I upgraded from 10.3. I have tried rpm -e, rpm --initdb and --rebuilddb all to no effect.

Any suggestions welcome

What happens if you update from YaST online update, or by running ‘zypper dup’?


rpm -e MozillaFirefox- --noscripts --nodeps

Thank you for replying.

I tried most things including YOU. Didn’t try zipper dup. Searching out there I found a similar problem which contained a solution.