opensuse + UMTS + zeroCD

hi all.

i’ve read many posts, websites and forums about discovering in opensuse umts modems with zerocd (1 device is modem, the second one usb-storage with windows drivers).

i know that is many problems with that, and i have found a way to discover modem (i’ve read about that in some ubuntu blog, but it works in opensuse also).

from root you should search for proccess of DeviceKit
(ps -ef |grep Device). when you found them, kill:
kill $PID

then, plug in modem, wait until it will be discovered (about 30s) and then you have to launch in foreground those DeviceKit processes (it very important because those processes are responsible for discovering devices) - the ebst way to launch that proces is by nohup $PROCESS

i’ve tested this “solution” many times and its 100% working.

later i will paste my script which is doing all that stuff.