opensuse tumblweed has no wallpaper

hi there

this is the first time i install opensuse and i chose tumbleweed
everything went well but the problem was i didn’t find the wallpaper even i clicked change background on desktop but i found just the default one

any help please
sorry for my English

Welcome to the openSUSE forums.

Please which desktop do you use? KDE, Gnome, LXDE, …

sir am using Gnome

A KDE install comes with some wallpaper. A Gnome install only has the openSUSE standard background.

I normally use KDE. And the wallpaper for KDE can be used also in Gnome.

When I install Gnome, I search for “background” in Yast Software Management. And one of the packages listed there is “gnome-backgrounds”. I install that. But that only seems to work in Gnome. I don’t see that wallpaper in KDE.

There is also a “mate-backgrounds”. I have tried that, but it can only be used in MATE.

While you are about it, also search for “wallpaper”. Then you will see “breeze5-wallpapers”, “plasma5-workspace-wallpapers” and “desktop-data-openSUSE-extra” which all seem to work in Gnome as well as in KDE.

Changes to the latest version of GNOME, top right and add a picture of your choice, I normally pop them in ~/Pictures folder.