openSUSE Tumbleweed and SLE source code

With Leap being based on, and containing parts of SLE’s source code, does this mean that Tumbleweed contains parts of SLE’s source code as well?

During the development of SLE 12, it was standard practice of all of SUSE’s development teams to ensure their changes for SLE 12 were all sent to Tumbleweed first

So, yes, Tumbelweed does

In practice, as Tumbleweed moves very fast, constantly adopting new changes from various upstream projects, the chances are that things will move forward to a point where SUSE cannot do that quite so much for things like SLE Service packs, as Tumbleweed will have moved too far for those SLE changes to make sense

But, SLE 13 will be based on Tumbleweed, at which point a huge amount of Tumbleweed code WILL be SLE code :wink: