Opensuse Thumbnails will not appear

I am trying to figure out how to get all my pictures in my folders to have a thumbnail I have gone under view-adjust view properties and selected “show preview” option and than selected all folders at the bottom of the screen. I also went back under the view menu and made sure that the preview box was checked. Only maybe less than half of my pictures are able to be previewed is this a common problem. What can I do to fix this?

Some things that I have noticed so far I have JFS file system for my storage drive and EXT4 for my operating system partition. When I move twenty of the files from the JFS to the EXT4 five files show preview. (under properties. of those files the previews do not show) When I move them back the previews do not show again.

It sounds like there is an option to limit the size of the previewed files (since some images obviously thumbnailed).

Either way, you should tell us which desktop environment (KDE, GNOME, LXDE?) and which filemanager (Dolphin, Konqueror, Nautilus?) is used.

woops sorry about that Opensus 11.4 (x84_64), Dolphin 1.6, KDE “release 6” linux x86_64 I have also tried to use Konqueror, but the same pictures are giving me problems it seems I have over 400 that this is effecting.

In the settings of Dolphin and Konqueror you will find an option for the maximum size of images to be previewed (translating from a german KDE: Settings → General → tab “Previews”). Does it help to increase this parameter? You should also check whether all image-filetypes you need are ticked.

“Solved” so I did not realize that their were another set of settings under, “Settings”-“Dolphin Settings”-“General”-“Preview” What is the point of having these multiple menus, it seems to be a running problem in KDE. I like to have customization but I also like having a simple combined menu set to keep a clean look while eliminating redundancy and confusion. So under those settings I was able to increase the file size from 4 MB to around 50MB and that did it thanks again!

Most users will hardly want to change this value, so I think it’s okay to put such an option a little deeper (it’s still not hidden, as the title of the tabs show what they offer).

Anyway, your problem is solved. Happy thumbnailing!