Opensuse Thumbleweed console login failure after update

I recently did an update to Opensuse 15 tumbleweed VM (virtualbox). The update completed without a problem until I rebooted the VM. Everytime I try and login no matter what account it will jump back to the login screen. I type in the username and it would just jump back to username ("don’t even get a chance to enter a password) and displays Welcome to opensuse Thumbleweed. There is no GUI installed. I tried to boot to a previous snapshot by choosing it in the advanced boot option and it is doing the same. I have updated other VMs on my server and they do not have the same problem.

Kernel is 5.2.14

Any help in fixing this would be great.

Show what repos you have listed with the command:

zypper lr -d

Have you got a nvidia graphics card?

I don’t know that the GPU or repos would relate to the problems described in a VM where the graphics driver is virtualized.

Recommend booting to an older kernel, and if that works, then try upgrading again.

In openSUSE unlike other distros we differentiate what is an update (replacing packages with newer features and patches but keeping within that openSUSE version) and upgrading (a major change from one openSUSE version to another with major changes to subsystems).

In Tumbleweed, because it’s a rolling release there is no such thing as an update, there are only upgrades where the entire distro is changed each time, so you should only be upgrading by running the following command

zypper dup


I think you may create a bit of confusion here. There is openSUSE Tumbleweed (what you also choose in the title prefix of this thread) and there are openSUSE 15.0 and 15.1. There is no mix of them.

Thanks everybody for you help. I restored the system from previous days backup. I understand the opensuse versions now. I plan to migrate to a different version to try minimize the risk in the future.

Just to be sure, do you use Leap 15 or do you use Tumbleweed?
You write: “I plan to migrate to a different version to try minimize the risk in the future”. To which different version do you plan to migrate?

Having the same problem. Tumbleweed after splash screen boots into emergency mode only? I do have radeon graphics card?

I originally had all my systems running on Tumbleweed and had a few problems with this, but I was able to fix them up until this week, I did decide to move a couple of systems to leap had no trouble since but I had forgotten I never migrated this particular system from tumbleweed and did upgrade which created my problem. I never did the proper research at the start to learn the differences between Tumbleweed and Leap .When I get a chance I am going to move the final system from tumbleweed to Leap.

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