OpenSuse, the beast

Today Opensuse got a quite “uncomfortable” number of hits per day on Distrowatch. Check it out.
Not nice, isn’t it? :imp: :scream: :church:

What are you talking about lol

More reliable site to evaluate the user pool of OpenSuse.

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I had a look at the Distrowatch Tumbleweed page (always good to get the number up ;-)) but I do not see what you saw.

Probably good to share a screen shot next time, that is now easy enough, open Spectacle, make a screen shot and drag it to an edit window on this forum.

He means this:



Distrowatch is a joke LOL. If you think it has any relevance to the real world well…


and I find the red arrow pointing down very convenient.
have a nice day, guys.

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Must be time to change my coffee coaster…


I am serious when I say Distrowatch has no real world relevance. Wondering if the OP realizes that the great majority of people are not going to distrowatch to download Linux distributions, at least I never have. Nor do I go there for any kind of information about a distribution because I sincerely believe the whole site is nothing more than irrelevant fan boyism LOL.

But you did get the point that this was intended as a kind of joke? No?
openSUSE the beast → the number of the beast → 666

Puh…man… :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Maybe if he keeps checking it will get down to a good number like 69 :roll_eyes:

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And stop/lock/halt to that lucky number :sunglasses:

Well, if it goes a little further down by, say 27, at least you have got The Answer!
:wink: :yum:

Except for, more than a few journalists …

  • Despite the unclear issue around who actually owns that Web-Site …
    Still Ladislav Bodnar or, someone else?

From their own website, they basically say, that their ratings are pretty much irrelevant.
I quote

"What is this “Page Hit Ranking”?

It is a light-hearted way of looking at popularity of distribution. Since each distribution has its own page, we thought it would be fun to track the number of visitors viewing individual distribution pages. Admittedly, the page clicks by themselves may not always reflect the popularity correctly, but they should, over time, provide an indication about what is hot among the readers frequenting this website."

It has no relevance to the real world, it is nothing more than clicks. It has no relevance on actual install base, it is in short, how many clicks their site gets. As I said previously, that has no real world relevance, and to be honest if an actual journalist is using the information found their, that isn’t much of a journalist LOL

Hui hui. You don’t need to say perfect words. Is this open chat forum? so let’s allow people to chat. Mmm. I need to check in the rules just in case the jokes are banned from Open Chat…