openSUSE thank you

I’m a linux user since ten years now, and I LOVE OpenSUSE, even able to use it as driver on a production machine for my professional work.

Just want to quickly thank the devs and team at SUSE because i just had to figure out how to rollback to a snapshot. You saved me hours and days of work I could cry

I wanted to install DaVinci Resolve, but didn’t do enough research to know that amdgpu-pro won’t stay stable on Tumbleweed.

Since I made the changes through YaST, a snap was snapped, and i could see exactly which instance it was, rolled back, disabled the AMD pro repos, updated, and wham. Holy WOW that was so easy, and I am so grateful I just want to write about it.

No operating system ever in this world has made so much sense and been so solid. I have used many of them, and i drive OpenSUSE proudly!!

ha who would think i would fanboy all over my OS devs… you guys probably hear it a lot (wow btrfs wow snapper thanks) but wow thanks


Good to hear some real appreciation.

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