OpenSuse "target mode"

I have two adapters Qlogic HBA FC 2600, two servers.
whether standard OpenSUSE Resources organize the connection between them, forcing one of the FC adapters operate in the “target mode”?

Whether it is possible to find on a software developer site acknowledgement - the given function OpenSUSE can’t provide, can’t support?

If opensuse does not support “target mode”, which program can be used for the organization on Opensuse base IP over FC connection?


are you using openSUSE, or is it SUSE Linux Enterprise Server?

and, have you asked your question to QLogic? that is, i do not think
this is either an openSUSE or Linux problem…the hardware maker
should be able to help you more than the folks here, try:

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

Both servers installed OPENSuse 11.3

No, this is not problem of HW.
> a message that I received from the Qlogic support :


The qla2xxx adapter drivers included with the OS are “SCSI initiator only” drivers. In that mode of operation, the QLE2560 will only see other devices that are SCSI targets. Since both adapters are running as initiators, they will not “see” each other for direct communication.

Switches to the "target mode " one of FG adapter should be doing by OS or additional software. I have therefore asked the question in this forum on OPENSuse if it support such applications? One morer variants- make adapters operate in IP over FC . Who can will impart experience?

It’s pretty standard that all OS (Windows and Linux, others) today support iSCSI initiators (client side iSCSI) practically out of the box.

It’s also pretty standard that all *NIX supports iSCSI target (server side iSCSI) and OpenSuSE is no exception. Have a look at your choices using YAST, using iscsi as your keyword.