openSUSE support for ARM


Given the popularity of all sorts of ARM devices nowadays, I was wondering whether the openSUSE devs are considering supporting ARM? Maybe there are even some steps that already had been taken? Would someone care to describe the challenges?


I am not sure how much is realized but there have been some steps taken/considerations made:

openSUSE Lizards : ARM support for openSUSE Buildservice and openSUSE
November 18th, 2008 by Martin Mohring

openSUSE Lizards : LXDE can do it! LXDE on Android smartphone!
August 24th, 2009 by Andrea Florio

openFATE #310070 : openSUSE support for ARM



Thanks for your reply. I checked out the links you mention, and I get the impression that there is not much progress on ARM support.


The build service is all setup to build ARM… people need to start
building I would assume…

Create an account, and get cracking :wink:

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Currently an openSuSE ARM mailinglist exists.
Maybe it’s best to join the effort to build an openSuSE ARM distro.

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