openSUSE source DVD

Hi all,

Sorry for asking question but dont know where to ask general question. I am noob to linux and recently after quite some research decided to learn and install openSUSE. I have read the initial how-to for noobs thread.Please pardon me if this was answered many times before but how can i obtain the source code in dvd format or through version control system like svn or git. As i observe the distribution dvd’s contain binaries only. Is there a way to obtain the sources easily similar to Debian, Slackware or Fedora etc where easy access in the form of iso’s is available. I read and heard that openSUSE forums are one of the most friendly and informative which is one of the reasons why i am installing openSUSE.

Thanks a lot in advance

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I never heard of a source DVD but you can get the source for all packages in the distro from the Source Repository.