Opensuse-sle-15-4-2023-796 (1)

So all of Opensuse users who are not aware of this bad security patch will have to go to this forum and search for this bad security patch and delete it ?

the list that I provided shows 3 components the security patch had well over 30 items.

I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. You likely installed several security patches at that time, with the 30 items being the combined total. There were not that many in this particular patch.

How would you find out the details of this problematic patch ?
What happens to Opensuse users that are not aware of the patch being installed ?

This topic is already historic… There was a patch which lead to some systems not starting anymore with this kernel. Users where always able to start with a prior kernel (this is a standard for linux operating systems), so not critical at all.
A bug report was created and the source of the problem was identified. The relevant patch got retracted to prevent that more users could apply it.
Additional users created some forum threads and experienced useres pointed to the relevant bug report.

Standard procedure for an actively supported and patched operating system…

If you start Yast Software Management after installing this patch, then it opens with the “Retracted Installed Packages”. That’s my experience.

If you only know the patch name/number, it isn’t so easy to get the details.

The package is retracted what happens to the system after that. For instance if a Opensuse downloaded the image how is it removed ?

Again, using Yast Software Management → retracted installed packages:

Click on the package. Then click the “Versions” tab.

If there are several versions of that package that are installed (usual for kernels), then click on the one you want to remove should mark it for removal. If there’s only one version installed, then right-click as choose “update unconditionally” which should revert to the previous version.

So Opensuse users that are not aware of this bad security patch issue will keep the security update retracted and taking up space on there system unless they manual remove the patch?

Yeah, some kB until the next kernel patches. Because old kernels will be removed automatically (as per standard only two kernels are kept unless the user configured something else).