OpenSuSe Server Options

I didnt know exactly where to stick this post i figured that this is the closest to what i am looking for.

Currently I am looking at setting up a personnel server for myself and a few friends. Currently what i am looking for in this server is to be able to access my files and VM’s world wide securely. I currently am running two 80 gb drives in raid 1 for all of the server config files and VM’s. On the way are 4 500 gb drives which are going to be set in raid 5 for all of my personnel files. I also would like this server to handle all of the routing and fire wall before the switch and VOIP. And to finish it off i would like to use this also as a media server and be able to remote desktop into it to handle more intensive programs that my laptop cannot handle.

I was thinking of running suse with xen to virtualize a couple of different servers to complete this task. The first vm server would be maybe smoothwall to control the dhcp, routing, firewall, qos, voip.

On a second vm server i was thinking of running the dbms, and apache

Then on the host server i would run smb, nfs, dns, and some other services.

Is this possible to do this way or is there a simpler more efficient way.

Any help would be great. Thanks

I have virtualised IPCop using Virtualbox, if you do a search for “virtualbox ipcop” you should find my howto. Purists may dislike running the firewall as a VM though.

I don’t see why you need to virtualise the DB and Apache server. I would just run it on the same host.

Just a thought, but the 500GB drives in RAID 5, if done in software, could be a bottleneck on performance. I’d recommend you look into all the tunables before you try to actually use it.
I planned on using RAID 5, but went with RAID 10 instead.

Now, you can use Xen, VMware Server (free) or Virtualbox. You can even use OpenVZ which may be a better way to do this, as you are using “enhanced chroot jails” and using the same kernel and such, similar to Solaris Zones. Also, is this going to be a “personal” server, as in, for your use, or a personnel server, for use to manage people? The differences will determine what is suggested for you.

Aside from the IP filtering, and such, I would say you could probably run all of them on the same machine without virtualization. You don’t even NEED to virtualize the filtering, but it reduces your chance to bork it up.

Is RAID 5 that big of a bottle neck? If so then I probably will do raid 10. Also this is a personnel server that only me and a few friends will have access to, basically personnel server for 3 people.


(1) Software RAID5 is slow.
(2) openVZ is preferred to other VM technologies if the number of virtual machines are more that 2.