OpenSuSE - Selected Packages and Dependencies (i586 & i686)

OpenSuSE 11.0 Packages+Dependencies June 2008

Hi everyone
A few days back, Novell released the latest version of OpenSuSE, version 11.0. I started downloading the distro as soon as it was officially released, and completed the download the day before yesterday. I first installed it with KDE 4, and like before, it sucks big time. I guess itś a matter of choice, but I still prefer KDE 3.5.x. Gnome is pretty well done this time and is very slick and fast.
Anyway, as I did with OpenSuSE 10.3, I have made an archive of some multimedia applications with their dependencies whcih can be used on PCs not connected to the internet or for mass installation. This has been tested on KDE4, KDE 3.5 and GNOME.

Download the archive June2008 from here
Mirror 1: Mediafire
Mirror 2: FTP Download

An optional archive is this that contains extra packages for i686 architecture. If you are not sure whether you need it or not, better download it too.
Mirror 1: Mediafire
Mirror 2: FTP Download

Extract the archive(s) to a folder called June2008 in your home folder.

Note: KDE4 ark seems to have some issues??? The Extract function of the gui in Ark does not seem to work, at least for me. You can work around this by clicking on the archive to open it in a window, press Ctrl and A on your keyboard to select all the rpms, minimise this window, open your home folder, create the June2008 folder, and paste the contents into it; then it works fine.


  1. Press Alt and F2 and type the following
    if you are a KDE user
    if you are a GNOME user
    and press ENTER

  2. Key in your root password and press ENTER](](

  1. GNOME users click Software->Software repositories](](
    KDE users click Software management](

Now you will see the window below](](

  1. Click Add and you will get this window, in that select local directory and deselect download repository description files](](
  1. Add the repository name as June2008, Browse to it with the browse button, and select plain rpm directory](](

  2. Click Finish when youŕe done](](

  1. Now click on Software Management](](

  2. In GNOME type the package name in the filters box and see the package automatically come up as you type.](
    Select the package and click install. Repeat this step with all the packages listed above till you have finished all, then click Apply in that window.

KDE users - type the name of package you are looking for in the search box and click search](](](
When you find the package you want check it. The dependencies will automatically get selected.
Do this till you cover all the above packages. Click Apply

Enjoy your OpenSuSE 11.0 !!!
Next update will be on August 1st 2008.

An even easer way is to just add the packman repository.
Up near the top is a radio button for community repositories. Click that, and add packman, and whatever other repositories you want.

Is it, thanks for the tip Jonathan, I didnot know that, but if you noticed, this post is targetted at offline users.

Now I forgot to include the package list :-S My bad :frowning: here is is
mplayer, mplayer plugin
k3b, k3b-codecs

Thanks for your effort doctorjohn2 (it’s not nucleuskore anymore :)?)

No :frowning: lost it with the merger, that’s why I carry it on my siggy.

Great Job, I was just going to make this archive myself and you saved me the time. By the way, can you tell me how do you get the RPM files. Yast deletes the RPM files even if I change the settings in /etc/zypper/ so I was was going to make a fresh install get yum and then use the cache as my archive…

I still have to make one for Wine, madwifi and will have to check about samba

Hi :slight_smile:

First of all, thanks for this great help. I was looking for the dependencies of VLC and I could not find anything…

Second, I want to ask: Will this work on my x86_64 system with openSuSE 11.0?

Thanks a lot once more…



I posted about this in
After the merger I can’t find my posts in the archives, maybe because my username changed :frowning:

Anyway you can refer this post
OpenSuSE 10.3 Packages+Dependencies+System Upgrade May 30th 2008 - Digit Forum

Am afraid not. x86_64 architecture is entirely different.
I am yet to download the 64 bit DVD. I didn’t feel there was much demand for these packages among 64 bit users.

Hi, thanks for the reply! That looks like a lot of work and it makes your job even greater :slight_smile: Thank you for that, I will try to see if I can make some more packages for offline installation and make them available the same way you did

Thank you again buddy

You’re welcome
Just remember, try all the above circus in VirtualBox, makes a lot more sense :slight_smile:
If you think of sharing your packages use
The only problem there is filesize limit is 100 MB
For the record, Rapidshare has now increased the limit to 200 MB, so I have opened a free collectors account there and will be using that too as a mirror for my next post.

Thanks for the answer…

So… Will you make a zip with the same packages+dependencies for x86_64? Or can you tell me where on the internet can I find those packages and dependencies?

Because I don’t have internet at home… With Ubuntu it was easy because on their site they tell you all the dependencies for each package but I have not found a similar site for openSuSE 11.0…


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I really do not know how to give you a solution. If you can install 64 bit SuSE at the place you have an internet connection you can download all the packages with smart package manager. After installing smart open a shell and give the following command

smart config --set remove-packages=false

This will make smart cache all the packages in


You can then copy these to a cd and then install them at home using

rpm -ihv *

Thanks, I will try that but I believe it will be difficult…


“All things are difficult before they are easy”