Opensuse saves the day

Since I just recently moved back to Opensuse, I been spreading the love around with burned Cd’s for Opensuse Gnome and KDE to my Ubuntu and Ubuntu Based Distro friends, well I get a call from a friend who was let go due to downsizing and money is tight for him and his family, well he got a second hand computer and it turned out that windows and all the software microsoft office ect failed the piracy check and it had this stupid background saying that is might not be real, so he calls MS and asked what he can do about it, and they tell him that he needs to buy new software, and its not cheap according to him, like 300-400 bucks for the whole thing, which he does not have. His children use the computer to write papers for school and so he was kinda in a spot, I installed Opensuse and it was like a huge weight was lifted from him, now he can apply for jobs online, ( The Computers at the Library are always full) and his Kids can do school work. He is grateful and Open source got a good mark. Just as a sidenote he said that the Microsoft People not very nice , in working with him on this matter. Opensuse ran very well on his computer, just a box with odds and ends thrown together.


Congratulations. Good to hear that you were able to help you friend so successfully.

Yeah, openSUSE is magic!