OpenSUSE-repositories is stone dead

Has OpenSUSE been victim for DoS-attac?
I try to refresh packages and i only get “Network is unreachable”.
I have 500MB/s on Speedtest, so its not me.

Probably you are a victim of “mirror brain” failure lol!

“Network is unreachable” does normaly tell you that you can ot even reach your LAN.
Are you sure that yoy do have network connection at all. E.g. can you ping your router?

I just ran into the same issue, I think d.o.o is having some issues - it seems to have woken up now.

I think it was Monday night/Tuesday morning (which would make it the 7th), I clicked YaST → Software Management, and when YaST was going through the normal “Initialize…” etc of the Repos, several dialogs were displayed saying keys did not match, do you want to accept, and also unreachable. These were the std/default repos too. I terminated everything and left. Came back the next day and all was fine. I looked at the forums to see if anything was going on, but silence. It was weird.