OpenSUSE remote installation with special kernel modules

Hi all
I want to remotely install OpenSUSE on one of my servers. I followed the instructions given at SDB:Remote installation - openSUSE, but it didn’t work. (My server reverted back to the already installed system.)
I think this has to do with a special kernel module (megaraid_sas) that is necessary for the raid controller. Without this module, the kernel cannot find any disk. Of course, the module is not included in the initrd provided by OpenSUSE.
I know how to add files to the initrd, but I have no idea where I have to put the required kernel module and which config file inside the initrd must be modified to make the kernel load the module.
Thanks for your help!


Ok, I have now asked the support staff of our hoster to have a look at the machine. He found out that the installation system actually never started. It seems that “grubonce” did not do its job. When he manually started the installation image everything worked fine. I also investigated that the megaraid kernel module is already included in the installation initrd.