openSUSE release

Is it one year to get a new release of openSUSE?
What’s the end of life for the old release(11.1)?

From 11.2 in November, new releases will come every eight months with support lasting for 18 months. Before that, the intervals between releases varied.

If I recall correctly 11.1 will be supported to autumn next year.

SUSE Linux Lifetime - openSUSE

One release takes almost 2 years to reach end of lift.Doesn’t it?

Depends on the elevator schedulerotfl!

Thanks for the replys. Did some searching on google again. KDE fourm is saying that multi head dose not work, no one has steped up to work on it. One thread says that it should be in 4.4.

Sorry wrong thread.

I use openSUSE both at home and here at work, and I would like to comment about the new Life Cycle of openSUSE. At home an 18 month End Of Life is no problem. I end up reinstalling once a year anyways.

At work is another matter. I work in a simulation lab for the Navy. Since I came back to this lab three years ago I have been slowly replaceing the different versions of linux with openSUSE. Let me give you some reansons why I got rid of them.

Fedora Core 6:
After creating a software raid on install, an update changed the way the OS does software raid and the drive could nolonger be accssed.
Fedora changed the way autofs worked, then stopped working completly.
Does not support XFS on boot.
Went to 18 month End Of Life.

To many times the system could not be updated. Had to uninstall packages update the system the reinstall package.
Does not support XFS on boot.

Why pay for something thats just to dam hard to administor.

When you have 50 computers to install 18 months is too short of a life cycle. I would like see a longer time between new releases of openSUSE for a longer life span. I would love to see openSUSE get a life cycle like CentOS.