openSuse reboot

I have a problem with the plasmoid, which reboots the system.
I can no longer choose wich OS to restart, I can only restart the system and select the OS from grub menù.

Is it clear my explanation?

What you say is clear enough, but a lot is missing. What openSUSE level, What desktop (KDE, Gnome), You say you can ‘no longer …’, since when or what did you do, some update?

Excuse me, you are right.
The OS is openSuse 11.2 32bit with KDE 4.3.5
I observed this defiency not more two or three days.
Recently I updated openSuse throught zypper and modified the OS order of grub menu with Yast. I don’t remeber other.

I solved the problem in this way](
It was necessary to set GRUB.