OpenSuSE Proxy Setup & SQUID

I have been running a simple squid server for some time (now running SLES11), which has been doing great. I have now attempted to add Basic Authentication. The idea was to have unrestricted access during daytime hours from un-Authenticated box, and create basic user accounts to be used in the Clients Yast Proxy config to allow that box to have a more open time frame.

The problem is when I enter the User/Password info in the Yast Mod and test the connection, the test fails. If I save the Yast Mod config and reopen the mod to test, it passes. Further more, after a successful pass, FireFox shows a pop-up asking for user name/password, and Konquere (sp??) just fails.

In FireFox, if I enter the username and password in the box the internet works as expected with the hours that SQUID is configured to provide.

John Moore

Doesnt someone have an Idea?
I cant be the only one concerned with ensuring only secure users are using my Proxy Server.

How do I go about reporting this as a bug (assuming its not already reported)?