OpenSuse Package Manager - packages download sizes. :O

I just started using open suse 11.04, installed things successfully and now trying to configure things.

When I installed, broadcom drivers for my Dell Inspiron laptop, software manager started to install things and it had status at bottom 73MB to download.

Later, I started installing ATI drives, found that i need to use fglrx drivers. I searched that under packages and marked for installation. Now started with -

Installing Packages… (Remaining 512MB of 8packages)

My question is, do suse needs this much of packages to be downloaded for simple drivers ? I guess in ubuntu drivers were just small things(in terms of size). Or am I missing something ?

Unfortunately we have on openSUSE 11.4 (not open suse 11.04) two GUI package managers (YaST > Software > Software manager and PackageKit) and a CLI one (zypper)
Thus it is a bit difficult to guess what you mean with "OpenSUSE Package Manager. You better refrain from PackageKit and either use YaST or zypper. Both will warn you normaly what the extra 7 packages are it wants to load when you only choose one.

I am installing softwares with “Software Management” wizard found under YaST control center.
Sorry for not being clear over this.

I guess, this may be miscalculating package sizes, as it doesn’t take longer to download, but it shows packages sizes big as said earlier.

May we conclude that you are satisfied? That is allright, enjoy openSUSE.

BTW, I don not think it is a wizard. It is just a tool with a GUI. Contrary to popular believe there is no magic in cumputing. At least not in Unix/Linux (and many others).

I guess I should be reading more and more of docs, that way I can improve my openSuse lang it seems :wink:
Thanks again and this is solved now.

It is in fact Unix lang and does exist allready for more then 40 years. Time you learn something of it :wink: