Home Page - Unmaintained?

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but the landing page is really in need of some TLC. First and foremost, it still has the old 11.1 screenshots; it’s been several days and we still can’t show off openSUSE’s new clothes? Also, the color scheme really needs to be a least tweaked a bit; it’s very much styled to fit the 11.0/11.1 color scheme; the new version’s theme would really clash (IMHO).

Is there any news on this front? Is the landing page deprecated and on it’s way out? It’s a bit of an embarrasment for such an awesome distro to not reflect that in it’s own web site; especially when you look and Ubuntu and Mandriva’s sites.

What url exactly ?

Maybe you’re looking at the wrong page? Official Screenshots of 11.2 are here.
Also I uploaded an “USer screenshot” yesterday here.
I have noticed that there are so less no. of screenshots? C’mon guys contribute. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he is referring to this

pull down the screenshots and you can see they are all from 11.1

Correct. I can’t change it. One needs greater power than currently entrusted to melol!
I put the word out, but my guess is it’s already on a long list.

Sorry I wasn’t clearer; I meant the landing page; just type “” and you’ll see it. I know that there are updated screenshots, but why aren’t they being shown on the home page?

I understand that most folks here can’t do anything about this; I just figured somebody should be discussing it. Hopefully this thread might jog the memory of some “insider” so they can take care of it. I know it’s not the biggest issue facing openSUSE, but it is part of the whole public perception challenge that all Linux distros face.

I’m with ya Zak89. It’s someone’s job to keep it up to date, or it should be. It’s any visitor’s first glimpse of us, and should be perfect at all times. :slight_smile:

And if whoever has the right permissions is still reading this thread, can you please fix the tpyos in the CSS pages? Firefox’s error console still shows a couple.

The old screenshots at the openSUSE home-page have now been changed to 11.2 ones. Saw them just right now before heading over to the forums.

Also, the wrong link at the top of the forums page has been fixed too. Noticed it right now.

Much nicer now. I wonder if any of the “higher-ups” noticed “my” little forum thread… :wink:

It was brought to their attention by me

I’m almost positive someone did.

Sometimes all it takes is one person to speak up that the emperor has no clothes.

Sometimes all it takes is one person to speak up that the emperor has no clothes. 		

I like a sense of humour

BrownieCat wrote:
> The old screenshots at the openSUSE home-page have now been changed

when you say openSUSE home-page, exactly what URL are you looking at?

i ask, because if i put in a browser and hit enter i get
exactly the same ‘home-page’ i got the day 11.2 was released, and it
has not changed in any way whatsoever, as far as i can tell…


By the openSUSE home-page, I mean:

You say you don’t get the new 11.2 screenshots on the home-page in your browser? Strange … Try deleting your history, stored webpages, cookies etc. and then look at the page.

ok, i now see there is a “Screenshots” to click on, something i hadn’t
done…good work!


While we’re on the topic, isn’t there a website/wiki redesign that is supposed to be going on, or did I imagine it? If there is, is there any new news on that?

Keep and eye on the wiki mailing list, or subscribe?

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I always forget about the mailing lists.

Thanks! :slight_smile: