Opensuse options for mixing openmpi hdf5 netcdf hdf5-fortran netcdf-c++

I use openmpi, gfortran, netcdf (and for some old code hdf5) for testing models before using the code on a larger mainframe. I later use fortran, c, cpp, netcdf and hdf5 for analysis, including 3-D graphics output. However when I look at all the options available with opensuse there seem to be a complex mix of options. I have done reasonably well in choosing a mixture of openmpi2, hdf5 and netcdf packages - ones with names like “hdf5_a_b_c-gnu-openmpi2-…” which seem to share the same regions of /usr space for the lib64 and include directories. However hdf5-fortran, netcdf-fortran and netcdf-c++ seem to be unrelated with their own directory structures which then need to be added to the makefiles and LD_LIBRARY_LOAD. I also find that their values of a_b_c can be different.

So although the system usually compiles and runs OK, in cases where the running program fails with lots of mixed netcdf/hdf5 backtrace lines, I am unsure whether this is an incompatibility in the library versions or some other bug of mine.

So has anyone produced a web page which explains all the openmpi/hdf5/netcdf/fortran/c++ options and how they are related - or if not is there any documentation anywhere (or a telephone number I can ring) which will help me to make sense of the present system? I could if necessary compile everything from source but it would seem to be a great waste of time.

Thanks …

David Webb.

A question like this likely belongs in the Development forums, eg

If you post your question in the right place, you’ll likely get more appropriate eyeballs…

IIRC there have been a few threads related to compiling with Fortran,
The various Fortran compilers used to be distributed in separate packages but are now packaged together.
Don’t know how each might be optimized, and don’t know with the relatively recent re-packaging how that affects available documentation (There is typical documentation in /usr/share, on the Internet).


Thanks for the hint - I’ll try as you suggested. - D.