opensuse opens konqueror instead dolphin with CD or pendrive

Hi. I don’t know why this happens, but when i insert a pendrive or CD, and go into the new devices plasmoid, and click my pendrive, for instance, there appears a window with 3 actions - open in Dolphin, import photos to DigiKam, and don’t do anything. Each time I choose Dolphin, it opens my pendrive in Konqueror! (The same thing happens with CDs)

Why is it so? How can I fix it?

Nobody? can you at least tell me, if you get such behavior too?

No I don’t get this. I come back if I find anything out.

Check in Configure Desktop - Default Applications - File Manager](

This is simply a bug/feature of KDE4 at the moment. If you choose to make Konqueror your file manager, the message will still say Dophin because Dolphin is the default file manager but it will open in your preferred file manager.

If you really want to use Dolphin, make it your default file manager.

Ok, it was Konqueror in the system settings (I changed it to Dolphin).

Now it works correctly. Strange thing, since I never actually used Konqueror, only Dolphin, and I didn’t touch the settings.

Well, thanks anyway :wink: