OpenSUSE Open Office mess.

I’ve just tried to copy a sheet in Calc and found a bug that I’d said
goodbye to last year. The list of sheets to copy into filled the depth of
the screen with no scroll bar (there’s a lot of sheets in this book). I
wondered if a recent update might have by-passed change-management control
somehow and resurrected the bug.

I’ve removed OpenSUSE’s version and installed the OOo version from their own
site and the bug isn’t there.

This is not the first time I’ve had to ditch the OpenSUSE version because of
bugs so I’m not very impressed. Isn’t it possible for SUSE to badge-engineer
the product without introducing bugs into the package?

I’m running 11.1 and KDE 4.2.2.

Graham P Davis, Bracknell, Berks., UK. E-mail: newsman not newsboy