OpenSUSE only recognizes half my ram

Hi everyone,
I’m new to linux, and have been happily using openSUSE for about a month, and just noticed that the system is only using half my ram. I have two 125mb ram sticks in the computer, but according to System Monitor, the system thinks it only has 213.2MiB total. If I go to Yast and click “Hardware Information” it shows all 512mb. It also works properly in XP.

I am using a Compaq Presario V2000 laptop with AMD Turion 64 processor but am using the 32bit version of openSUSE. Do you think it would work under the 64bit version? (the live CD wouldn’t work for me, so I couldn’t test it)

Any other ideas?

this is most likely caused by your onboard video card claiming the RAM.

Try to enter the BIOS when you first start you computer, in there you should be able to reduce the amount of RAM your onboard card is using BUT keep in mind that your card needs RAM so if you reduce it to a value too small you may notice lower refresh rates.

Just be careful what you change in there, changing the wrong value could prevent your system from booting.
In my BIOS, this setting is called: “VGA Shared Memory Size”

Hope this helps.