Opensuse on thinkpad with dock is not very good.

I have a W530 running 42.2. I’ve configured it for Discrete Graphics for the moment. Here are the display problems:
-I MUST use Cisco Webex for business meetings, so I maintain a separate 32bit firefox, jdk, and all necessary libraries for that to run. However it doesn’t support two monitors (and I have two 4k monitors attached to my docking station)

-before I start a meeting I disable one of the monitors.
-when I do this all the apps from the disabled monitor relocate to the remaining one. Nice, however the KDE Panel also relocates and overlays my existing Panel!
-after the meeting I reenable the other screen and the panel does not go back. I have to unlock widgets and physically move it back.

I attend a lot of meetings, 3 or 4 a day, so my second 4k monitor ($650) is permanently turned off