opensuse on the xbox 360

hi all
i want to install opensuse on the 360 and dual boot if possible with the xbox os i have the arcade hopefully getting 120gb hdd for it and also a usb hdd with opensuse on it
anything i need?

With openSUSE? It’s not currently possible. openSUSE officially only supports the most common consumer CPU architecture: x86, x86-64 (aka “AMD64”) & PPC. While it’s true that the Xbox 360 CPU is PPC based, the X360 is basically a closed, DRM-box designed for games & multimedia (just like the Wii & to a lesser extent the PS3). Microsoft has intentionally made it difficult to use the Xbox 360 in any way beyond what Microsoft wants (although to be fair, all the major console makers lock-down their devices).

Running Linux at all on the X360 is no simple task. The Free60 Project is working on it though. Their website is here, Main Page - Free60 Project
If you have technical knowledge or are willing to test, I’m sure they would appreciate extra help.

If you’re absolutely determined to run openSUSE on a game console you should buy a PS3, which officially supports dual-booting Sony’s OS along with a linux distro. You can install openSUSE on a PS3, although Yellow Dog Linux is the most popular PS3 distro. You should know that the PS3 makes for an underwhelming general purpose (GUI) Linux box. This is because the PS3 does not permit the distro full, direct access to the hardware, opting instead for a hypervisor-based approach (sorta like Xen if you’re familiar with that technology). Thus Linux has less than 256MB available for use and the Nvidia graphics hardware is unavailable. If you want it as a home server…then it’s a great way to consolidate devices. But if you’re thinking it will replace a full proper computer…you should have realistic expectations before starting.