openSUSE on the IMac

I installed openSUSE KDE4 on me home computer. With succes.
Now i have tryed to install the same on me Mac with 20 inch screen.
The live cd works well. Me question, is anywone now if it can harm this apple ?
Reason for installing openSUSE… Tiger runs now on the Mac, but for Leopard i have to make more than 512 MB, Apple computers says that it gonna go, but more MB is needed.
The Mac is a Intel Core Duo, with ATI driver, i think it must go with openSUSE to.
Please any advice ???

Linus himself runs Linux on Mac hardware, as do many people.

The only way it will “harm” your Mac is wiping out the HDD. But the hardware is pretty standard. It should install no problem.

You’ll need to install the ATI driver after the openSUSE install.

ATI - openSUSE