OpenSUSE on P5KPL-AM motherboard

Can anyone tell me if they’ve experienced any problems with openSUSE11.1 on the ASUS P5KPL-AM motherboard? I’ve done a search and found a post about problems with sound but that was in March and the OP never got back to say if the problem was resolved or not. The HCL doesn’t list the board.

The PC belongs to my dad onto which he installed Ubuntu 9.04 but I’ve convinced him to switch to openSUSE as it’ll be easier for me to support him. The board seemed to work fine with Ubuntu.

Just want to make sure graphics and sound will work as expected with oS11.1.

Sound will work. Maybe you need latest alsa and alsa kernel module.
Since there’s no video card on the board itself I can’t tell. There’s a PCI-Express slot for a video card. If you let us know what kind of video card the system has, we’ll tell you.

Generally I would say, though many people won’t agree, that, if it runs OK with Ubuntu, it will run OK with openSUSE. Help needed? You know where to find it.

Thanks. I forgot that it didn’t have on-board video. I’ll check what graphics card he has. It’s an ASUS and i think it’s based on the nVidia chipset but I’ll check the exact spec.

*Buntu 9.04 = 2.6.28

openSUSE 11.1 = 2.6.27

If there is any component not being supported with 2.6.27 but with 2.6.28, then you will have a problem, if not then you won’t.

OK, the graphics card is an ASUS ATI EAX550/TD which seems to use the ATI Radeon X550 chipset. Not listed in the HCL either. Hopefully it’ll work.

As long as you don’t even bother about installing fglrx, it surely will.


You know what you have to do then, don’t you?

Graphics Drivers & Software

Pick Linux - Radeon and you will see the x550 series are supported by the ATI driver.

DRI Wiki - CategoryHardware

Pick ATIRadeon and see, that you won’t even need that prorietary crap.

I’m also interested by this motherboard but it seems it has the VGA output so I don’t understand why you said it has no video card on the board