opensuse on hfs+ partition

hi everybody, i wanted to install opensuse on my mac on a partition.
I don’t want to install it on an ext3 partition or similar (because mac os can’t read it) or on a fat partition (too slow), but i wanted to install it on an hfs+ (journaled) partition… How to do it?

I don’t think it’s possible. Linux doesn’t have support for writing to journaled HFS+ yet according to HFS Plus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am sure you can not install a Linux on a HFS±partition (and not on FAT). But there are 3rd party drivers that offer support for ext3/ext4, for example “ExtFS for Mac” by Paragon… which costs a few bucks.

Hey, tanks! That’s the best solution! I’m going to try macfuse with fuse-ext2.
it may be ok!
Tanks a lot again, guys!:slight_smile:

Note that fuse-ext2 does support ext2 and ext3 only - the default filesystem on openSUSE is ext4. You can customize the filesystem during the initial install and I think ext3 is still offered, so your choice should be ext3.

yeah, i’m using ext3, and it’s awesome! Finally a decent linux on my mac (dual boot!)

Notice that you can mount hfs+ (read only) the other way under Linux. I don’t know how the case insensitive one (used by default on preinstalled OS X) would look under Linux though - I always reinstall Mac OS X on a case sensitive filesystem - IMHO a minimum requirement for a Unix.

Presumably it would look normal, in mixed case, but you would never see two files like account.php and Account.php in the same directory. This stupidity actually caused a bug in my PHP program when a developer on a Mac starting using working with it. I had to rename Account.php to AccountC.php.

But the worse stupidity belongs to Windows. A directory called aux wouldn’t checkout from SVN on Windows. It turns out that Window stills knows about the old DOS device names such as con, lpt, aux, etc. and you can’t have directories called those names.