OpenSuSE on DG45ID Intel

I’m trying to Install OpenSuse 10.3 on a new computer with the DG45ID Intel Motherboard (E8400 Core2Duo processors). My distro is on the software collection 6 DVD from c’t magazine. After loading the kernel (I believe during hardware detection) it tells me that it cannot find the OpenSuSE repository and switches to manual installation mode. After answering some obvious questions (language etc.) and when checking the distribution medium it tells me again that there is no repository on either DVD nor disk. Since the same happens with copies of DVDs from the ‘official’ distribution, I wonder whether the DG45ID works with 10.3. Does anyone know?

Rudi Ratlos

PS: Vista Business can be installed without problems

If I’m not mistaken this is a newer board. The kernel at the time of 10.3 release may not support it. Since you are using a magazine DVD it is impossible to know exactly how the installation is set up, and therefore how to run diagnostics on what you have. If at all possible, try to get 11.0 or probably better yet the 11.1 Release Candidate 1 DVD.

If you google your board for linux you will see a number of posts of users who have installed on it, although again what I saw were recent posts using a more recent kernel than on 10.3.

There is a timer flaw in the bios on that board. Just for a try with what you have, you might try going into the bios and disabling “legacy support for USB”. Or try typing this in the Boot Options on the DVD menu (if there are Boot Options, again don’t know with what you have):


Other than that, go to a newer version of openSUSE. This is a typical situation with new hardware, whether it be linux or Windows.

thanks a lot, that’s what I thought. I’ll try 11.0 tomorrow and tell you about the results. Bernd

just to close this: OpenSuSe 11.0 installed successfully with this board.:wink:

Terrific. Thanks for the follow-up; that will no doubt be helpful for others to know.