Opensuse on Asus EEE 1000H


I’ve installed Opensuse 11.0 on my Asus EEE 1000H …

Everything is more or less good, but there is few issues:

  1. eeeEvents does not work at all. Eventually hotkeys does not work.
  2. When i press Fn+F1 (suspend) i have error - “Could not umount external media before suspend/standby. (Reason: Could not call DCOP interface to umount external media.) Would you like to continue suspend/standby anyway? (Warning: Continue suspend can cause data loss!)”
  3. LCD panel light never turns off. When laptop is not used for some time screen goes black, but lcd light is on all time. I’m not using any screensavers.
    4.Not specific to EEE - Suse updater shows that there is some updates, but when i click install updates and enter root password i have following error:

“kdesu(6663)/kdesu (kdelibs)KDESu::KDESuClient::command:[usr/src/packages/BUILD/kdellibs-4.1.1/kdesu/client.cpp : 196 ] no reply from deamon”

I’ve checked - folder usr/src/packages/BUILD/ is empty…

what suggestions?

sorry i cannot help with your questions, but i have one of my own.

how well does kwin compositing (think cube effect) work on eee pc hardware?

best of luck.

Just tested now - works perfectly.

Just tested cube now - works perfectly.

One more thing to the list in first post - cant shut down using power button. Nothing happens when i press it. Of course turns off (not shutdoen) when i hold it for few seconds, but its hardware power off.

fantastic news, and my sincere thanks for taking an interest in the question.

the reason i am interested is because the cube will help with multitasking on low res screens as found in netbooks.

is your PC able to run amarok on one face, a youtube video on another, with kontact acting as an rss reader on the third, and just to be sure an openoffice document on the fourth, without bringing the machine to a juddery halt?

if it can then i am sold and getting a netbook asap. :smiley:

Tested. No problem.

awesome thanks. :smiley:

Mendoza, where can i get the drivers for the 1000h on opensuse 11. I have had it installed for a while but was looking for rpm’s or an istall guide with this os / hardware combo for a while. Any repo links would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

Hi, which drivers do you need?

Hi look at the scripts and definitions under:
/etc/acpi/events and /etc/acpi/scripts ((eee-event rpm)

And try to get them working at first manually,
You have a different number of modules to rmmod and insmod
then bind them to hotkeys.

See OpenSUSE on the EeePC - openSUSE
(please add to this page for your eee1000h)

This folder should only be used for rpm-builds. That is completely wrong, but if you fix your acpi-scripts this will probably dissappear.

MortenB - eee901/2GB - opensuse11

There is everything ok with updater when i’m loged in as root… problems is only when i’m loged in as non root user… seems that updater does not work in sudo…