openSuSE on acer 5942G


just a short description, I have the laptop since three days only. I promise to publish more:

  • installed 11.2 as of c’t 26/2009
  • working OOTB:
    • CD/DVD/BR reader
    • stereo sound
    • card reader (tested with SD from camera)
    • bluetooth (controlled by a hotkey)
    • touchpad, no gesture, integrated scrollbar working
    • webcam (crystal-eye)
    • nearly all of the function keys (I currently not discovered
      all of them ;-), including keys for media playing
    • display in 1366x768 (its not big, working with framebuffer
      driver after install)
    • Suspend to Disk (here configured when closing the display)
  • working with some tricks
    • 3D effects (installed Catalyst 10.1) and wrote
      new xorg.conf
    • WLAN (working OOTB, but have several interuptions;
      using kernel 2.6.32-3-desktop works better)
    • broadcom network adapter works OOTB, but with kernel
      2.6.32 and tg3(?) - put some lines in modprobe.conf.
  • not working
    • 5.1 sound, internal microphone
    • fingerprint reader

Closure: fast notebook for the daily work, some multimedia capabilities.

Good: illuminated keyboard (I had a thinkpad before including a ‘think light’, but here its better), fast WLAN, silent fans (or good powersave support), fast to clean, Ctrl key is the left lowest key.

Worse: Low screen resolution (1366x768 - not HD - but blue ray drive included), ATI graphic card (for no drivers) - next one will have nvidia, weight, mirroring display.

Conclusion: Fast, reliable notebook, good for working.