opensuse offline update - github offline update - zypper package management

This could be converted to opensuse. There is an author email you could get help from. Else, my option is to create a bash script.

The first step is to have the script create a signature file on the offline system that contains:

package filename (full package http link)
repo name
version number

I need a better version of this command. With the above, I will be able to find and download higher versions of the software.

zypper --no-remote se
zypper --no-remote search -i

This shows a list of packages, but doesn’t include some of them.

This is what I use in my RPI monitor;

This should return the correct count;

/usr/bin/awk "BEGIN {print `/usr/bin/zypper -q --no-refresh --no-remote se -i | /usr/bin/wc -l` -3}"

If you separate the line out, clamav shows in the list.

How do I make that show version #?

Instead of -i it would be -si

zypper -q --no-refresh --no-remote se -si

This works. :slight_smile:

Creating a signature file can be done.

I need to make the repos into network drives. I’ve been surfing the net for ‘network drives’, search the repo for the package as if it were a normal folder.

I think I need to use ‘samba’, but noting, it’s how to make internal not external repos i’v found

I can’t find anything more on how to turn a net repo into an internal folder without a password.

Just use the python built-in http server to serve it up locally?

For example

/usr/bin/python3 -m http.server 18080

wget --mirror -np --no-if-modified-since

This downloads the entire repo into a local folder. Impractical…

I need to make that remote https link into a local folder.

Can you show that command? And how it works? I’m still at a very basic skill level in networking.

./offline-update -d | grep gimp 

I have all the information stored and readable to download updates. All I need is to get the correct use and understanding of the command above.

Thanks to all, I’v read the information on here. I finally found a command that is the easiest to use.

#zypper in sshfs
#sshfs --help

Now, I’ll need to start a new topic for any problems I have with getting it working with the ‘opensuse 15.3’ repo.

Also, I’m web search for how to update zypper.