OpenSuse no longer loads DE. Prompted to log in via CLI but CLI not taking all keystrokes.

This is a several months old installation if OpenSuse 13.2. I was using KDE but was running into problems getting dropbox working in KDE so I decided to try out Gnome.

Everything was also working fine when using Gnome (3.14) and I got dropbox working. Since I can never be happy leaving well enough alone, I decided to see if I could update Gnome to a more current version.

I ended up on this page:

and added these repositories:

and then I ran zypper up and zypper dup. There was a lot of work performed after zypper dup.

Upon restarting the machine, the OpenSuse splash screen appeared and then went away and I was prompted via CLI to log in. Attempts to enter a user name at the login screen were problematic because not every keystroke would register. Sometimes it would type a character on the second try and sometimes on the fourth try. When I get to the password part, I cannot tell if a character is being typed or not so I can’t log in.

Where do I go from here? I could easily just reinstall OpenSuse from scratch without much pain but I would like to at least take a stab at this before giving up.