[OpenSUSE newbie] New Connection -> no networkds detected

Hi all,

I decided to recycle my old computer, and to install OpenSUSE, in order to test it…

Unfortunately, I didn"t succeed in configuring my Internet connection… Indeed, no networks detected…

Since I’m new to OpenSUSE, I feel a bit powerless…

On top of that, I’d like to know how to configure a PPPoE connection, since I need first to connect to the local network (just a WEP key is needed), and then to login to my ISP (username + password)-connection type : PPPoE ADSL-.

Thx in advance for your help !


Linux version : i686
System : OpenSUSE 11.0 (i586)

Hi fbiville, welcome to the forums.

There are three ways ppl connect to an ADSL modem, depending on model and choice:

  • by usb cable
  • by wired ethernet link
  • by wireless wifi network link

Which options do you have and which choice did you make?

Hi, and thanks for your answer !

I must use a wireless wifi network link…

My wireless doesn’t work - a primer on what I should do next - openSUSE Forums

Getting Your Wireless to Work - openSUSE Forums

Hi and thanks for the links,

finally, I succeeded to connect to the local Wifi Network in command-line…

However, now, I need to configure my wireless ADSL PPPoE connection, and I have no clue about…

Is there a procedure to do that ?

Thanks for your help !

YaST => Network Devices => DSL.