OpenSUSE new website help with search please

Sorry to have to ask this but I have a small problem with the search function on the new website. When I do a search I am getting posts with wildly different dates with no evident consistency. It may have something to do with if I am an OP or joining a thread but is there any way of changing the sort order please?

Sorry, found it now but the default is not evident to me yet.

I have resorted to the dark side (windoze) to try and sort out my display resolution problem which has returned after sorting it out in September. I am posting here because I couldn’t find my post from then on my workstation but lo and behold I can find it using windoze.

I posted a plea “Help setting display resolution please” in September 2022 which I was able to find and read using a windoze machine but when I search here from Leap15.4 system I simply cannot find it. For some reason when I try and search in the advanced search I cannot enter Budgie2, the search entry changes to budgie2 and my OP is not found.

Any ideas?

No clue what you are doing, but the results are the same either with budgie2 or Budgie2 (as the search is not case sensitive). And your searched thread is the first result.
And a simple tip which works nearly everywhere is, if you know the exact term you are searching for, put the search string into quotation marks and your search results will be condensed to the ones which contain the complete term. That means search for “Help setting display resolution please” and you will get only two results instead of countless without quotation marks, where every thread which contains one of this words will come up. This are search basics…

And the rest of the advanced search settings should be really self explanatory.
If you know you created a thread: Set filter to “I created” and add additional terms which will massivly decrease the search results…

Hi and many thanks.
The windoze system behaves perfectly. Sadly my Leap15.4 system seems to have a will of it’s own and is not working correctly. All following a recent update as ususal so will revert and try and sort it out.
Many thanks again,

Another question on the new website.
How do I configure my default search filter?

If I search using my own name to look for my posts with the new site I get a result of sorts but the first post in the list is dated Dec 2016, the next Jan 2011, the third 22.Jan. What I used to get was a list of my posts in reverse date order and this is what I seek to regain.
Hui has explained how to use the advanced search which is clear and not a problem, it is only the quick search that has me stumped.

Also it would be good to have a back button or up arrow so that it is easier to move up and down through searches. If there is one, I haven’t found it yet.