OpenSuse new install - Radeon graphics card fan running high

Im new to the opensuse linux experience
Motherboard: Asus P8P67
Graphics: Radeon HD 6770 PCIe 2.0
double screens (working on both fine) :slight_smile:

Is this normal for the fan to run so high? I loaded the widget for temperature and its showing the radeon heat in the red reading 175 *F top 210 *F

Im going to jump off OpenSuse and not run it till i can figure out how to run it cooler
any help would be great

thanks in advance

cant wait to get off windows for once…

found this might also be a bug?

if i find a solution ill share :wink:

going to try this…brb

not worked -

next idea

Do you have the proprietary fglrx driver installed?

Oh yea!!! that did the trick!! thanks you!!!rotfl!
my idle core temp went down like 10 * and the GPU fan is quiet again !!

:shame: but now the duel screens i have are cloned…i was able to get them to be “Above” or " Below" from each other inside of the /kick/favorites/configure desktop/display-monitor/size-Ori

but they don’t respond to “left of” or “right of”

going on a search for the fix for that now =+

thanks for the great reply// you rock! rotfl!

Ok - fixed the graphic clone thing…seems i needed to restart after changing settings when use the client app catalyst -
so all is well now…Ill be jumping into the newbee arena with other questions of how to use the opensuse…

thanks guys…fairwelllol!