opensuse minimal


I want to install the minimal base system of opensuse and the kde4 but pure. So i want to have only zypper as regards my package manager without yast if this is possible… Also i don’t want to install kde4 and some parts of kde3 and the paterns of opensuse (logos,update applet etc)… I want to install only the official modules of kde4… So with a few words, i don’t want my distribution to be out of the box but as minimal as possible.Also how can i lock all those packages which make my opensuse to work out of the box ?

You seem to contradict yourself

May be this:
Sign in – SUSE Studio


I don’t want to install suse studio… I want to install opensuse 11.2 but without all these packages which make it “out of the box” distribution.Also as regards the kde i want to install only the official modules of kde4… I hope you understand what i mean…:slight_smile: I am sorry if my last post was very confusing…

SUSE Studio is where you can build it yourself.

If you install 11.2 from the DVD you can choose ‘other’ here to get minimal X

It still is very confusing. openSUSE is as it is on the DVD and on the OSS and nonOSS and Update repositories. You may call this “official” if you want.

Everybody decides for her/himself what to install of this.

Also your concepts of “these packages which make it “out of the box” distribution” i a bit strange. At least I do not understand it. A distribution is a package of software merged together (starting with the Kernel) and that is put into “a box”, which is a saying from earlier times when you bought a box wth a CD (can still be done I believe).

A minimal openSUSE does not even have a desktop at all and not even any graphical software, But that is apparantly not what you mean.

Have you seen this Howto for minimum install. Although it’s for 11.1 and includes earlier kde4, it may give you some useful tips that could be applied to 11.2 :).