Opensuse login screen grey and I can only login to root and when I do desktop is icewm ?

This is what happened I was installing google chrome and updating Mozilla on suse 11.4 and then my system crashed so I turned the computer of when I turned it back on the login screen was grey and I couldn’t select my session I could only log into root , when I did log in there was a blu screen and at the bottom it said icewm desktop and I could go on Internet and there was no yast just gimp and other tools how do I get it back to thee default login screen and desktop ? I really need help

How did you install Chrome and Mozilla?

And which desktop do you want to have? KDE, GNOME,…

That grey screen you see is xdm. So maybe you have uninstalled kdm/gdm?
Try to install it again by typing the following into a terminal window (xterm) when you’re logged in as root:
For KDE:

zypper in -f kdm


zypper in -f gdm

thanx I installed google chrome from the website for Linux and did it in terminal and I updated Mozilla from online updates

It says zypper is not a typo

I don’t believe that. I guess it says:

If 'zypper' is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it, like this:
    cnf zypper

So apparently zypper got uninstalled… That’s bad.

Can you run “rpm”?

yeah when I type it a whole bunch of codes come up

Then please download the zypper rpm from here:
Index of /distribution/11.4/repo/oss/suse
(or you can take it from the 11.4 installation DVD if you have that handy)

Then install it with

rpm -i zypper-xxx.rpm

If you get an error message, please post it.

the thing is I can’t go online because my computer is all messed up I’m on my ipad this is so horrible there’s no way I can get my computer fixed how do I just uninstall suse all together and Linux

Just install a different Operating System.

You may try to download a openSUSE CD/DVD (maybe 11.4 again) and just select “Update an existing system”.
Index of /distribution

If you’re lucky it will work again then.