opensuse livecd ok but not install......

hi! i run opensuse11 livecd (kde and gnome) and no problems: good detection of my hardware (videocard ;monitor). after installation i rebooted but it started not in graphical mode and after 1-2mn no screen and my monitor tells me to change sync signal. i suppose it is a problem of refreshrate but in the livecd all hardware was good detected :confused:
if someone knows what to do please.

dell optiplexGX1 pentium3/ 384 mo ram / ati rage pro agp 2x / sony multiscan G500 20’ .

sorry for my english

i used “ctrl+alt+F1” on black screen to see what happens but no error log . After login i used “startx” : i can read " fatal error server is already activ for display 0 ".
after reading the forum it seems like i’m not the only one with this “blackscreen” problem. it is a way to get a solution please?

youpi i got it! after i get the black screen i do “ctrl+alt+f1” to be in text mode: " sax2 -r " in root: it starts graphics config utility of suse. i changed prefered resolution to 1600x1200 . after all this i saved and restart.
that’s all! after rebooting all is going ok: grub appears, bootsplash and desktop.

if this method can help someone else. (you need perhaps to change things depending on your hardware in sax2) .